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I'm Sofia. No, that's not me in my icon.
If I was dating you, I'd pack you a homemade lunch and sneak in little love notes mostly containing song lyrics

That’s too cute I couldn’t handle it

If I was dating you…
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If I was Dating you… Finish the rest in my ask and let me know.

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It’s back


this will always be my favorite

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Apparently I can feel things before they happen. If it’s going to happen something that will bother me somehow, I can feel it. Always. Or, more rarely though, I have these sudden thoughts, they’re like flashes of a scene, while I’m doing completely different things, and shortly after that scene happens. And these flashes are completely detached from my other thoughts, it’s like… like when you’re super concentrate on something and you suddenly hear a rumor and you jump, it’s pretty much the same feeling.
Am I the only one? ;u;



So, the time you had for signing up is over. Now, tell me if I made some mistakes, the people who signed up are:

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- The point of the contest is making me cry
- The term within you must submit your story is August 5th. Any story sent after that day will not be counted! I had to change that because after August 10th I won’t be able to read your stories, but you still have 20 days.
- The email to which you must submit your story is human.case@libero.it
- In the email there must be some informations you can find in the first post - Remember the rules

You will be able to find this post and the first one, with all the rules, by clicking on a link I created in my blog. If you don’t remember something you can read them anytime you want.

And finally, thank you for allowing me to make this thingy! I can’t wait to read your stories.

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Artist: Pearl Jam
Track Name: "Sirens"
Played: 18 times

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heyo, what was the name of the song that you used to have as your theme?

I can’t remember, sorry >< Perhaps Winterwolf by Brunuh Ville? In that playlist I used only Brunuh Ville’s and Adrian von Ziegler’s songs, but I can’t remember which was the first one… followers?

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jfc I'd hug you and give you a cupcake if I didn't live so far away. Wanna talk about it? Or I can just send you cute animal pics. Or hot guys.

Oh my god you are the cutest. You all are being so sweet and kind to me, how can you even exist ;u;

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