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I'm Sofia. No, that's not me in my icon.
jfc I'd hug you and give you a cupcake if I didn't live so far away. Wanna talk about it? Or I can just send you cute animal pics. Or hot guys.

Oh my god you are the cutest. You all are being so sweet and kind to me, how can you even exist ;u;

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Physical appearance:

I have blond hair.
My current hair color is not my natural hair color.
I have curly hair.
I have green eyes.
I have red hair.
I have natural highlights.
I am black.
I have lots of freckles.
My nails are usually painted.
I wear a lot of eye make-up.
I have bangs.
I have short hair.
I wear a lot of pink.


I own a hair straightener.
I have my own car.
I have posters on my walls.
I have a pet.
I own a pair of roller skates or blades.
I have lots of bobby pins.
I own at least four bottles of perfume.
I have a lot of jewelry I never wear.
I own at least 5 pairs of jeans.
I own Converse.
I own a pair of high heels.
I own a leather jacket.


I have a step-relative.
I am adopted.
My biological parents are married to each other.
I am an only child.
At least one of my great-grandparents is still alive.
All of my grandparents are still alive.
I am related to someone famous.
I have a sibling who is in college.
I am a twin or a triplet.
I have a sibling who is married
I have a sibling who is less than five years old.
I have more than one sibling.
I see my cousins often.


I am married.
I am engaged.
I have been proposed to.
I have been asked out on a date.
I have been cheated on.
I am asexual.
I want to get married someday.
I want to have kids someday.
I have children.
I have made out with someone against a wall.


I am lactose intolerant.
I have a food allergy.
Someone in my family has died of cancer.
I have had surgery.
I take/took anti-depressants.
I have attempted suicide/self harmed.
I have been in the hospital in the past year.
I have broken a bone.
I don’t drink enough water.
I exercise for more than 10 hours a week.
I wear glasses and/or contacts.


I have a best friend.
I am friends with a pair of twins.
I am close friends with at least one of my neighbors.
I have at least one friend who lives in a different country.


I have had a near-death experience.
The police have been summoned to my house.
I have been nearly run over by some sort of large vehicle.
I have been snorkeling.
I have been to at least 2 weddings.
I have been to at least 2 funerals.
I have been to an overnight summer camp.
I have been on a train.
I have lived in a different country.
I have spent the night in a motel.
I have written a novel.
I have been zip-lining.
I have been to a wedding or funeral outside of my home country.
I have failed a class.
I have cut class.
I have gotten a speeding ticket.
I have gotten a parking ticket.
I have been in a car crash.
I have been sent to the principal’s office.
I have been arrested.
I have been drunk.
I have taken a ballet class.
I have driven a car.
I have been on an upside-down roller coaster.
I have gone to school or work after a sleepless night.
I have flown in a hot-air balloon.
I have spent more than 48 hours without sleep.
I have been in a talent show.
I have thrown up on a plane.
I have worn my pajamas out in public.
I have worn my hair in a fishtail braid.
I have never been trick-or-treating.
I have posted a video on YouTube.
I have seen an episode of Supernatural.
I have worn colored contacts before.
I have tried out for a sports team.
I have auditioned for a play.
I have been in a school play.
I have had a main role in a school play.


I have a job.
I am afraid of heights.
I am not religious.
I live in an apartment.
I am extremely familiar with jet lag.
I want to change my name.
My first name ends with the letter “A.”
I don’t get nervous before making a presentation.
I was born in a city.
I run a video blog.
I know what I want to do with my life.
I am insecure about my voice.
I worry a lot about my future.


I am a student.
I go to a private school.
I have my Master’s degree.
I have taken a college-level class while in high school.


I have been to a third-world country.
I have been to the Carribean.
I have been to Boston.
I have visited a college.
I have been to Florida.
I have been to New York City.
I have visited another country.
I have been to Egypt.


I am fluent in more than one language.
I have read a book in another language.
I can braid hair.
I can do a cartwheel.
I can do a handstand underwater.


I play Skyrim.
I play Minecraft.
I like country music.
I like to read fanfiction.
I watch Doctor Who.
I enjoy hiking.
I run track.
I like cooking shows.
I like chick flicks.
I love poetry.
I have written a song.
I am interested in cinematography.

Likes and Dislikes:

I like lobster.
I like strawberries.
I hate making my bed.
I enjoy science fiction.
I like roller coasters.
I like watermelon.
I like going back-to-school shopping.


I go to the movies at least once a month.
I continuously bite my nails.
I have a habit of biting my lip.
I tap my foot when I’m nervous.
I have a paper calendar on my wall.
I often have to replace my earbuds.

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Eyy Not a question aha but you're blog is pretty rad and I hope you keep adding some metal dudes because it supplies my lady boner lol. You're awesome!

All hail lady boners. LOL I’ll keep posting pictures for sure, I’m just… “taking a break”. 

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You are beautiful. I love your blog/tumblr. Big hugs and pure love from Colorado.


It’s just, uhm… If you all could give me a big group hug, I’d really dig it right now. Seriously.
Write me maybe, here or on facebook? I’m this thingy here. I just… I’m not going to talk about sad things -I don’t want to-, I’d just really need love talking to people right now.

Sorry I’m not posting that much anymore. A friend of mine just died two days ago. I didn’t know it happened until I saw all the posts of her friends and family on her facebook profile, yesterday night. I didn’t believe it, right away. Her last post had been eleven hours before, how could she have died in those few hours while we weren’t together? I was about to text her just a few hours before… but I didn’t. I didn’t tell her I missed our late night chats, I didn’t ask her how she was, dammit, I didn’t even tell her I loved her. It couldn’t have happened, it had to be a joke. Nobody told me. Because on facebook we were friends, but in her reality I was nobody. No one knew about me, not her real-life friends, not her family. But I know she loved me, and I loved her, even if our friendship wasn’t anymore as strong as in the past years. She was so sweet and so gentle, and she loved life so much. She was 19 and had a thousand projects in her mind. She always said she wanted to travel to see the beauty of mother nature and grow wise. Now I’m left here alone, with tears of anger in my eyes, reading over and over her last messages because it’s all so unfair, it’s so wrong that she had to die, she who had an indistructible hope in the future and always thought everything was gonna be okay, while I’m still alive.


For all the palestinians, and all the people who live in countries where there are wars going on.

What’s happening in your country is the most inhuman thing we could ever think of. War. It’s horrible, sad, scary. Please, please, stay safe. Keep your loved ones close, don’t let them out your sight. And if you can, run away, or go where you can still find a little bit of peace. I’m disgusted by what’s happening and I care about each one of you, and believe me if I say I’m not the only one. Be strong and please, please, stay alive.

Love the blog, you have great taste in men

You say I have great taste in men? Well, I like your face c:

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